Home Selling Myths

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Selling a home, undoubtedly, has its challenges. In today’s market, there is actually a supply shortage, so you may think that means selling is easy. However, a recent article from realtor.com compiled some home selling myths that you should know. Check them out, and stop believing them. This will help you be more successful in your home sale.


  1. You can do the whole thing alone. Actually, the help of a realtor, like myself, could make or break your deal. They will help with finding the right type of buyers, negotiating, and more. “It’s about establishing relationships, trust, and facilitating communication to keep the deal alive until it closes,” says Deborah Stewart, a sales associate for Jan Scholtz Realty in Louisville, KY, to realtor.com
  2. You know what your home is worth. Unless you are a real estate professional, you don’t know what your home is really worth. Let them help you with that.
  3. Your home is already in great shape to sell. Maybe to you, your home is perfect. However, some home improvements could really improve its value and your profits.
  4. Home upgrades should be big. “Simple things make a big difference. When I walk through, I advise sellers to remove most personal items,” she says. “When people come to look, if there’s a lot of memorabilia, they feel like they’re intruding, not shopping. Get pros to help clean it up.”
  5. Spring is the best season to sell a home. In actuality, any season can be the best, depending on the market. You need to know what is going on with your local housing market to know the best time to sell.
  6. Online home value estimates will give you all you need. Really, no online tool can replace the real life thing of the help of an agent.

If you are looking to sell your Miami home, let me help you. Contact me today and don’t fall for these home selling myths. Get the help of an expert professional so you can make a great deal!

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